tree dismantling in Cambridgeshire

tree dismantling in Cambridgeshire

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TREE DISMANTLING in Cambridgeshire


Dismantling is a process where a tree is removed by gradually removing limbs and branches from for the bottom up, before taking the main trunk out in big chunks from the top down. When there isn’t the space for a clear felling, the tree will be dismantled.

This allows very tight control of where individual limbs are placed on the ground, minimising the risk of damage to people or property. Dismantling is an especially useful technique where trees have been planted very close to houses.


Dismantling a tree is an ideal method for trees that are dead, dangerous, storm damaged, overhanging buildings and property, or sites which have difficult access or confined space. When a tree is being removed, it cannot always be felled.

For safety or to avoid property damage, the canopy may have to be taken down in sections. This process involves rope access into the canopy along with rope techniques to lower the branches and timber to the ground in a controlled manner.


At tree care sites, whether pruning or any other type of work, we put together a risk assessment plan ahead of time that involves assessing the tree’s health, understanding the limitations of the surrounding environment, determining how to handle waste from the dismantling, making a gear list and deciding on the number of arborists needed, and preparing the signage for the safety perimeter.


1. First, the top of the tree can be accessed by traditional means, such as by tossing the throw line, placing the ascent rope, and then climbing.

2. Next, the false crotch is installed at the top of the tree. The climber-arborist, takes care of setting up the block rigging system (using pulleys and ropes) to guide and control the speed of the tree sections. During this step, the person at the base of the tree prepares the necessary equipment on the ground: the rigging bollard, installing the pull and guide ropes, and preparing the chainsaw.

3. All of the branches are cut from the base towards the top. Once the systems are installed in the tree and on the ground, the tree can begin to be dismantled. The lower branches are always cut first, and then the arborist continues to cut and climb towards the top of the tree. This allows each cut branch to drop directly to the ground without any obstruction.

4. The trunk can be sawed into pieces. Once the top of the tree and the branches are clipped, the trunk is cut up into pieces; the length of each piece is calculated based on diameter and weight.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS of tree dismantling in Cambridgeshire?

• A safe and secure technique to remove a tree in space-restricted areas.
• Make way for new developments.
• Prevents obstruction to structures.

For more information about tree dismantling in Cambridgeshire or to get a free no obligation quote, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team of experts who will be more than happy to help you.

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I received a call from Terry and I can’t recommend him enough and how swiftly he and his boys worked in taking a large dead tree down and also prune the rather large tree. I am really pleased with their services and he offered his services at a great price book them in for your tree services soon.

Madgna, PE2


Very nice work from terry and his team came and took 2 sycamore trees down very quickly and made sure everything was left very tidy highly recommend to anyone out there.

Rachel Graham

Bloom Co.

Couldn’t thank elmwood enough for coming out and doing a very good job of taking a large dead tree down and also taking over hanging from my house roof what was causing damage. They are great price and a great company defiantly recommend!!

Julia, PE7


Very Happy with elmwood. Came out and cut all my trees back and done a very good job defiantly be using them again.

Ruby, CB24