elmwood tree services

elmwood tree services

Offering all aspects of tree work, including Re shaping, reducing, dismantling, felling & stump removal.

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Elmwood Tree Services

My name is Terry, and I have built and run Elmwood Tree Services for many years, making me your first choice for local tree surgery experts. We have been working in Cambridge for many years. We are NPTC Qualified and fully insured – No job to big or to small.

We carry out all tree work, from pruning all the way through to tree felling and stump removal, for both residential and commercial customers. Our pricing is unbelievably good in comparison to other local firms, and our team is always on hand. We are known for our workmanship, completing the right job the first time.

We also provide 24-hour Emergency Call out & storm Damage services.

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A safe and secure technique to remove a tree in space-restricted areas.


Tree felling is where trees are cut down and can be an important part of  protecting the natural environment.


There are several different techniques that tree surgeons use to alter or reduce trees.

emergency call out

We provide a 24-hour emergency call out & storm damage. 

garden & land clearance

We offer garden & land clearance services, which will tidy up your outdoor area.


 We offer a wide range of tree services including:

• Bush reshaping and tree reducing
• Tree dismantling
• Tree felling
• Tree removal


When a tree outgrows its space, you must decide if it is necessary to reduce the overall size. This can be done through pruning, depending on how large the tree is. The alternative is complete tree removal, all options can be discussed so that we can come up with the best option to suit you and your garden.


Tree removal or tree dismantling is where we tackle the tree gradually by removing limbs and branches from for the bottom up, before taking out the stump. When there isn’t the space for a clear tree extraction, we will dismantle the tree. This allows very tight control of where individual limbs are placed on the ground, minimising the risk of damage to the public and any surrounding buildings. Dismantling is a great option for trees which have been planted very close to your property.


Tree felling is where trees are cut down and can be an important part of logging, protecting the natural environment. The person cutting the trees is called a feller. A feller buncher is a machine capable of felling a single large tree or grouping and felling several small ones simultaneously. It is well known that we cannot survive without trees, and that we need to plant more. Therefore, it
can feel a bit odd to decide to fell a tree. However, when the tree is felled responsibly, this can actually be a good thing for the health of forests. Whether for harvesting sustainable timber, protecting trees and people, or creating new habitats, there are several reasons why it is okay to cut down trees.


After a tree has been cut and felled, the stump or tree stump is usually a small remaining portion of the trunk with the roots still in the ground. Stumps may also show the age-defining rings of a tree.
Although a tree stump may appear harmless, it can be highly recommended to remove it immediately as it can pose a safety hazard on your property. This means that the tree stump will need to be removed in a delicate, well thought out process, as outlined as part of our process.

First, we begin by digging around the tree stump, exposing as many of the roots as possible. Next, our talented team of tree surgeons use a chainsaw, hatchet, or handsaw to cut the larger roots. As
digging continues, we may find smaller roots that can be cut with clippers or loppers.

Once all of the roots around the stump have been cut, the stump is lifted and removed from the ground.
For more information about our wide range of tree services, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team of experts today who will be more than happy to help you.

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I received a call from Terry and I can’t recommend him enough and how swiftly he and his boys worked in taking a large dead tree down and also prune the rather large tree. I am really pleased with their services and he offered his services at a great price book them in for your tree services soon.

Madgna, PE2


Very nice work from terry and his team came and took 2 sycamore trees down very quickly and made sure everything was left very tidy highly recommend to anyone out there.

Rachel Graham

Bloom Co.

Couldn’t thank elmwood enough for coming out and doing a very good job of taking a large dead tree down and also taking over hanging from my house roof what was causing damage. They are great price and a great company defiantly recommend!!

Julia, PE7


Very Happy with elmwood. Came out and cut all my trees back and done a very good job defiantly be using them again.

Ruby, CB24